Kyiv: Russia is actively preparing for Ukrainian counteroffensive

The Russian troops are focusing their main efforts on preparing to repel a possible counteroffensive by the Ukrainian Forces, reported the Ukrainian Military Media Center.

"According to available information, the aggressor continues to actively transfer additional weapons, military, special equipment, as well as the building up stockpiles of cruise, ballistic missiles and attack UAVs from the territory of the Russian Federation to operational areas," the report reads.

In addition, the Russians continue to fortify defensive positions in the temporarily occupied Ukrainian territories.

At the same time, in some areas, the Russians are conducting offensive operations to seize new territories in the eastern regions of Ukraine.

"Russian troops are taking measures to deplete and constraint Ukraine's defense potential, as well as to prevent the preparation of Ukrainian troops for a possible counteroffensive. To do this, they, in particular, intensified the use of loitering ammunition, " the Military Media Center added.

The head of the Main Intelligence Directorate, Kyrylo Budanov, assured that Russia has no potential to attempt a large-scale offensive anywhere in Ukraine.

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