Kyiv: Russian forces intensify efforts to capture Avdiivka and disrupt Ukrainian supply lines

Russian troops have concentrated major efforts on the Avdiivka direction, aiming to seize control over the logistical routes of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, reported Brigadier General Oleksandr Tarnavsky, commander of the Operational Strategic Grouping of Troops (OSGT) Tavriya, on Telegram.

"The intent of the Russian aggressors is clear: they primarily seek to gain control over the logistical routes used to support our units on the northern flank. However, we are responding adequately to the enemy's actions. We're strengthening our defense line, setting up additional firing positions, and deploying fresh effective forces. Logistical supply continues uninterrupted," wrote Tarnavsky.

According to him, over the past day, the Russians carried out 17 air strikes, launched 57 assault operations, and conducted 599 artillery shelling incidents in the operational zone of OSGT Tavriya.

The general losses of the Russian troops over one day included 361 personnel and 13 military units of equipment. 2 tanks, 1 infantry fighting vehicle, 1 artillery system, 6 vehicles, and 3 units of specialized equipment were also destroyed.

Ukrainian forces also destroyed two ammunition depots and disabled or destroyed 145 drones of various types.

Since October 2023, the Russians have intensified their assaults on Avdiivka, resulting in tens of thousands of military casualties and the loss of hundreds of armored vehicles.

This week, OSGT Tavriya acknowledged that fighting in Avdiivka had reached urban areas, but they emphasized that the situation was far from being "all lost."

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