Kyiv: U.S. has determined that Ukrainian pilots would need only 4 month to master F-16

Spokesman for the Ukrainian Air Force Yuriy Ihnat confirmed that skills of Ukrainian pilots were evaluated in the United States to see how much time they would need to master the F-16 aircraft.

Ihnat noted that the Ukrainian Air Force had previously announced that up to six months of training would be required, but the American side came to the conclusion that the Ukrainian pilots could probably be retrained in four months.

"An evaluation of our pilots was done. These are combat pilots, with combat experience, with a lot of flying hours. Two pilots were tested in the United States, and conclusions were drawn from this testing. Using flight simulators, and flight equipment, it was estimated how long they would need to master the Western technology, such an aircraft as the F-16. Our American partners have concluded that probably up to four months will be enough to simply retrain such already skilled pilots as ours. Not to teach, but to retrain for another type of aircraft," Ignat explained.

He noted that the deliveries of F-16 multi-purpose aircraft could radically change the situation on the battlefield.

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