Kyiv: Ukrainian Forces advance deep into Russian defense lines in Kharkiv region

Ukrainian Armed Forces of Ukraine have taken control of more than 700 square kilometers (270.2 square miles) of the previously occupied territory in the Kharkiv region, said the Deputy Head of the Main Operational Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Oleksiy Gromov.

According to him, in certain areas, Ukrainian units advanced deep into the enemy's defense lines, from 2 to dozens of kilometers. Several settlements have been liberated. At the moment, military units have cut 50 kilometers (31 miles) deep into the enemy's defenses lines in the Krarkiv region. Sweep operations are under way in the liberated territories.

Gromov added that during the counteroffensive in the Kharkiv region, the Ukrainian Armed Forces managed to liberate more than 20 settlements. In the Kramatorsk direction, the units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces improved their tactical positions and advanced to a depth of 2 km.

In the Slavyansk direction, units of the 103rd separate brigade of the Territorial Defense Forces, together with units of the 15th regiment of the National Guard, advanced 3 kilometers deep and liberated the village of Ozerne.

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