Kyiv: Ukrainian Forces continue to advance near Bakhmut

Ukrainian troops have advanced up to 500 meters in some areas around Bakhmut, the representative of the Eastern Group of Ukrainian Forces, Serhiy Cherevaty told Channel 24.

According to him, Ukrainian soldiers are conducting a successful defensive operation and counterattacking despite the advantage of Russian troops in weapons and manpower.

"During this one day, up to 500 meters were covered by our units in certain areas of the Bakhmut front," Cherevaty said.

He noted that this is still the most difficult period of defense of Bakhmut. According to him, the Russians are using various types of artillery, MLRS and aircraft. They are trying to destroy every Ukrainian defense position.

"Our servicemen show miracles not only of courage and endurance, because you saw all these strikes with phosphorus bombs and various types of ammunition, but also resourcefulness, cleverness and military ingenuity," Cherevaty emphasized.

  War in Ukraine, Bakhmut