Kyiv: Ukrainian forces hold majority of Ocheretyne and Soloviove amid heavy fighting in Donetsk region

Ukrainian forces maintain control over two-thirds of the villages of Ocheretyne and Soloviovein the Donetsk region, said Nazar Voloshin, spokesperson for the Joint Forces Operation, during a news broadcast on Saturday, April 27.

Voloshin reported that to breach the Ukrainian Armed Forces' defense along the Novobakhmutivka – Ocheretyne front, Russian forces have deployed additional reserves, including the 55th Motor Rifle Brigade of the Russian Armed Forces.

"Currently, we control two-thirds of the Ocheretyne settlement. The portion of the village penetrated by the enemy is under our fire control. The opponent is blocked, and measures are being taken to dislodge them from the area. Heavy fighting continues, but the situation is under control," assured Voloshin.

He also claimed that in Soloviove, the situation is somewhat similar – approximately two-thirds of the populated area is under Ukrainian control, and the segment where the enemy also broke through is under fire control. There, too, heavy fighting persists.

Two days ago, Russian forces broke through into the village of Ocheretyno northwest of Avdiivka. This poses a risk of collapse for the entire defensive line in the Pokrovsk direction, which the Ukrainian command was forced to start establishing after withdrawing from Avdiivka.

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