Kyiv: Ukrainian troops have advanced 2.5 kilometers towards Kreminna over the past week

Over the past week, Ukrainian troops have advanced 2.5 km in the direction of the city of Kreminna, Luhansk region, said at a briefing the Deputy Head of the Main Operational Directorate of the Ukrainian General Staff, Brigadier General Oleksii Gromov.

"Our soldiers continue offensive actions near the city of Kreminna. Within a week, the Ukrainian defenders advanced up to 2.5 km in the direction of this city," Gromov said.

He added that along with this, according to the officers of the Russian Second Army Corps, stationed in Luhansk, there is a "gradual preparation of defensive lines around Luhansk."

According to the Ukrainian General Staff, a significant part of the Russian troops, especially those newly mobilized, plan to surrender if Ukrainian Forces break through the defensive lines near Svatove - Kremina.

The New York Times reported that the Ukrainian Forces are close to libarating Kreminna. The city is the gateway to the industrial centers of the Donbas.

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