Kyiv urges EU to abandon Nord Stream 2

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, during negotiations with Federica Mogherini, European Commission Vice President, urged the EC and the EU Member States to abandon the construction of the Nord Stream 2, as the press-service of the President reported.

Poroshenko emphasized the need to strengthen cooperation in the energy security of Ukraine and the EU, "especially because of the latest cynical actions" of Gazprom.

The Ukrainian president said, "We must make important conclusions after the gas crisis: Russia is an unreliable supplier and only the cooperation of Ukraine and the EU will ensure the energy security of both Ukraine and the European Union."

He also pointed out that Gazprom "has finally lost the image of a reliable partner in the energy sector" for the EU and Ukraine, and Moscow "has clearly shown its true intention to use the issue of gas supplies to Europe as an instrument in the future geopolitical struggle."

Poroshenko said, "Taking this into account, Ukraine once again appeals to the European Commission and to the EU Member States to abandon the intentions of constructing the Nord Stream-2, as the project threatens the energy security of both Ukraine and the EU."

  Nord Stream - 2, Ukraine