Latvia urges its citizens not to be afraid of Russian military exercises

Latvian deputy Artis Pabriks assured the general public that there was no reason to be afraid of Russian military exercises. "We aren’t afraid of Russian military exercises. We will keep an eye on them, and remain vigilant and confident in ourselves, our state and our freedom. Don’t let them ruin Easter for us," he wrote on Twitter

Russian naval forces informed Latvia that it would conduct training launches of missiles in the Baltic Sea from April 4 to 6. The Russian Federation asked Latvia to close the airspace around the tests during this period. The Latvian Civil Aviation Agency agreed to do so.

Pabriks said that Russia "has enough of its own territory," where it is possible to conduct exercises. However, the Latvian authorities acknowledged that, according to international treaties, the Russian military has the right to conduct training launches of missiles in the Baltic Sea.

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