Lavrov admits that Russia has no proof of U.S. collusion with ISIS

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov admitted that Moscow has no evidence of U.S. collusion with ISIS militant terrorists, reported Interfax news agency.

At the same time, the Russian Foreign Minister noted that the actions of the Western coalition led by the United States in Syria makes Russian aviation tactics more difficult.

According to the news agency, Lavrov responded to reporters’ questions about a British Air Force report that 250 ISIS militants were allowed to leave the city of Raqqa before it was taken by the forces of the Syrian Democratic Forces with the support of the Western coalition.

“The actions of the Syrian army, with the support of the Russian Air Force, to eliminate the remains of ISIS, were, of course, thereby hampered, and more time will be needed to achieve these objectives,” Lavrov said, adding that Moscow asked Washington to explain the situation.

On November 14, the Russian Defense Ministry announced “indisputable confirmation that the United States, pretending to fight against international terrorism for the world community, in fact provides cover for the combat-ready units of ISIS.” In support of this, the department distributed images which, according to the military, were made from unmanned vehicles in the Syrian region of Abu Kamal. But the investigative group Conflict Intelligence Team said that the ministry published screenshots of a mobile game about the war in Vietnam and video footage from the Iraqi Air Force taken last year. After this was reported, the Russian Defense Ministry removed these photos from their social network accounts, and later added other images. The department began an investigation into the employee who published the original images.

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