Lavrov: It is difficult to imagine how the US will withdraw from Iran nuclear deal

Commenting on US plans to withdraw from the nuclear deal with Iran, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said it was difficult to imagine how the US could legally withdraw from the agreement, reported RIA Novosti.

"The whole package was approved by UN Security Council resolution, which is subject to mandatory implementation. And, frankly speaking, I do not know what the Americans will announce in the coming days... but given the status that this arrangement has, including the decision to approve it taken by the supreme body responsible for peace and security, it is difficult for me to imagine how it would be legally possible to withdraw from the agreement, which is a product of collective labor, and recognized by all as an international legal act," he said at a news conference following talks with the Foreign Minister of Burundi.

According to Lavrov, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action for the Resolution of the Iranian Nuclear Problem (JCAP) is a comprehensive package of documents in which "all aspects of the agreement, including specific mechanisms for consideration any claims, are spelled out in detail.”

The Iranian Foreign Ministry said that the country would give an "adequate" response to Trump's unfriendly statements on the nuclear deal, on which he plans to speak.

In 2015, Iran, Russia Britain, China, the United States, Germany and France reached an agreement on the settlement of the Iranian nuclear problem, and adopted a joint comprehensive action plan. It provided for the lifting of sanctions imposed on the Islamic Republic by the UN Security Council, the United States and the European Union over the former’s nuclear program. In return, Tehran pledged to limit its nuclear activities, placing its program under international control. The deal entered its implementation phase in January 2016.

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