Lavrov: Russian nuclear doctrine will apply to newly annexed territories of Ukraine

Russian legislation and military doctrines will apply to new territories if their entry into Russia is enshrined in the country's constitution, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov at a press conference at the UN.

"The entire territory of the Russian Federation, which is stipulated and can additionally be stipulated in the Russian Constitution, is certainly under the full protection of the state. This is absolutely natural. All laws, doctrines, concepts, strategies of the Russian Federation apply to its entire territory," said Lavrov.

Lavrov commented on the statements made earlier by the White House about the US response to the annexation of the occupied Ukrainian territories by Russia: "I would not engage in any gloomy forecasts here. I have not heard that the United States is threatening with any kind of blow. I have heard that President Biden said that in the event of referendums and the adoption of their results, Russia will face more sanctions "from hell" or from somewhere else ... If there was a threatening thesis put forward that Russia would get hit, I would read this text, I was not aware that the United States and Ukraine are allies which are bound by such a dangerous chain. "

Lavrov emphasized that the United States and Western countries did not declare themselves a party to the conflict in Ukraine, which means they need to comply with international conventions prohibiting the supply of weapons and any military equipment.

"That is, supplying weapons to Kiev, the United States, the European Union and NATO cannot claim the status of neutral, that is, they cannot claim that they are not involved in the conflict," the Russian Foreign Minister emphasized.

According to Lavrov, by sending weapons to Kyiv and giving it access to intelligence information, the United States has deprived itself of the status of a neutral country and, in fact, is a party to the conflict.

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