Lithuania to allocate 1 million euro for the restoration of the Donbas

The Government of Lithuania is planning to allocate about one million euro from the 2019 budget to support Ukraine, particularly settlements in the Donbas which were affected by Russian aggression, stated the Head of the Donetsk Regional State Civil and Military Administration, Oleksandr Kuts after meeting with the Ambassador of Lithuania in Ukraine, Marius Janukonis.

"The Lithuanian Government plans to allocate about one million euro from the budget to support Ukraine. A principle decision in this regard has already been made,” he wrote on Facebook. The final decision on where to direct financial assistance will be made by the Lithuanian Government. 

"We have discussed the list of facilities that need financing: schools, water pipes, checkpoints Kuts said.

Earlier, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania allocated 50 thousand euro to provide humanitarian assistance for people affected by the conflict in the Donbas.  As reported, the European Union allocated 24 million euro for humanitarian assistance of residence of the Donbas.

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