President of Belarus offers Ukraine assistance in ending Donbas war

Speaking at the Forum of the Regions of Ukraine and Belarus in Gomel, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has expressed willingness to help Ukraine in resolving the conflict in the Donbas.

"We are ready to engage in this conflict where it is complicated and where there is no trust that is supposed to be. We are ready to do this for the sake of one thing - for the sake of peace. We, the three Slavic nations have to solve this problem. This is our trouble and problem. It's not Europeans, Americans or someone else – it's we who must solve this problem so that it does not stay frozen in this state, "he said.

He stressed that Belarus is ready to work only within the framework of an agreement between the "two presidents of Ukraine and Russia.

“If Belarus needs to be involved in this process, we will act according to the agreements between the two states so that the peace is restored in this long-suffering land,” said Lukashenko.

“We don’t ask to become a mediator or peacekeeper. We’re just worried about you,” said the Belarusian president, adding that this decision was not easy for him.

“We need to be able to come to an agreement. Then we can decide who is to blame. Let us leave this problem to our children, let them decide who is to blame. Today we need to stop the fratricidal war. We are at your service,” said Lukashenko.

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