Media: Western allies urge Zelensky to negotiate with Russia amid battlefield challenges

Western countries are gearing up to exert diplomatic pressure on Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, attempting to compel him into negotiations with Russia to halt the ongoing war. According to Europe 1, this movement is driven by Russian maneuvers on the frontlines and issues with mobilization within the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

"In every brigade, there is a 40% shortfall. In Kyiv, discussions with us have shifted from armaments to recruitment issues," military sources told Europe 1.

The publication points out that the Russians have set a tactical trap for the Ukrainian Armed Forces, which appears to be effective. Moscow's objective is to compel the Ukrainians to relocate their forces from the Donbas northwards. This maneuver could allow the Russians to break through defenses in the south and complete the capture of entire regions in Donbas.

Europe 1’s reports indicate that the Ukrainian army's challenging situation is prompting Western officials to prepare coordinated diplomatic efforts aimed at persuading Volodymyr Zelensky to consider negotiations. It remains unknown whether the Ukrainian president will agree to these principles.

Earlier, Politico noted that peace talks are considered another weapon for Russian President Vladimir Putin. The report highlighted that any negotiations would likely be used by the Russians as a distraction, stalling effort, and to gain strategic maneuvering space.

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