More than eighty-three thousand Ukrainians received Russian citizenship in 2018

Interfax-Ukraine reported, quoting statistics of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, that 83,081 Ukrainians received Russian citizenship in 2018.

In part, from January to December 83,081 Ukrainians received Russian citizenship. Also, during this period, the Russian authorities approved 64,861 residence permits to Ukrainians (currently 170,638 Ukrainians reside in the Russian Federation).

In addition, in 2018, 77,075 Ukrainians received permission to temporarily live in Russia (currently 160,706 Ukrainians live in Russia under this status).

Also, the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs counted 524,700 Ukrainians who visited Russia, 460,600 for work, 29,100 for school and 44,200 as tourists.

From January-December 2018, the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs put on migration registration 1,761,586 Ukrainians, of which 171,312 people were registered at a place of residence and 1,590,274 at their place of stay. 1,115,479 people were recorded as first-time visitors of which 524,697 Ukrainians went to Russia for a visit, 460,622 for work, 29,133 for schooling, 44,212 with the purpose of tourism, and 56,815 for other reasons.

At the same time, in 2018 Russia removed 1,180,061 Ukrainians from the migration registration records.

In 2017, 85,119 Ukrainians received Russian citizenship. Throughout the year, 503,300 Ukrainians traveled to Russia for work, 485,100 for a private visit, 42,900 for tourism, and 28,100 for schooling.

According to data by the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, despite the war in the Donbas and the annexation of the Crimea, there about 3 million Ukrainian citizens in Russia. In December, the Russian Federation adopted a law that simplifies citizenship for Ukrainians.

In the last year, 988 people received Ukrainian citizenship, including 126 Russians.

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