Netherlands commits €60 million for Ukrainian strike drone initiative

The Netherlands has allocated €60 million to purchase strike UAVs for Ukraine, including maritime drones and FPV, reported the Dutch Ministry of Defence.

Specifically, €17.5 million will be allocated for maritime drones, which the Ukrainian Forces will use to target Russian military facilities in the Black Sea. The ministry noted that, through this funding, they are supporting Ukrainian businesses which manufacture UAVs. Additionally, the Dutch Ministry of Defence believes that investments in drones are important for the Netherlands, as it will enhance industrial cooperation between the countries, and the experience gained from battlefield usage will benefit their own armed forces.

Another portion of the funding is intended for bilateral supplies of different types of drones and procurement within the Dutch industry. It is also noteworthy that at the end of May, the Netherlands announced additional military aid to Ukraine amounting to €175 million. These funds will be allocated for air defence. Furthermore, the Netherlands will deliver additional YPR-765 armoured fighting vehicles. The Ukrainian Armed Forces have already received more than two hundred of these infantry fighting vehicles.

  War in Ukraine, The Netherlands