Bipartisan group of Republicans and Democrats calls for probe of Russian role in the 2016 US elections

A group of senators, both Republicans and Democrats, released a statement in which they called on their colleagues to reject inter-party differences and to work together to develop defense measures against external cyber attacks, Interfax reported.

The Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Republican John McCain, a member of the same committee, Republican Lindsey Graham, as well as the leader of the Democratic Party in the Senate, Charles Schumer and a Democrat member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Jack Reed, explained that they issued a joint statement in response to a new CIA report on the findings of Russian intervention in the 2016 US presidential elections.

Earlier, The Washington Post published an article asserting that according to a CIA report, Russia tried to influence the US presidential elections through cyber attacks, supporting the candidacy of Donald Trump.

"Democrats and Republicans must work together and in the framework of the powers of Congress carefully consider these recent incidents developing integrated solutions in order to deter and defend against future cyber attacks," the document states.

"It cannot be a single party issue. The stakes for our country are too high,'' the Senators' statement reads. ''We are ready to work on a bipartisan basis, and we will strive to unite our colleagues around the goal of the investigation and prevention of serious threats which cyber attacks carried out by foreign governments are representing for our national security."

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