Amnesty International: Russia carries out systematic airstrikes on hospitals in Syria

Crisis Response Director for Amnesty International, Tirana Hassan, stated that Syrian and Russian Air Forces carry out systematic airstrikes on hospitals and other civilian infrastructure targets in order to ensure the movement of offensive Government troops in Syria.

Healthcare facilities in the regions that surround Aleppo and are controlled by opposition groups are the main targets of airstrikes by Russian and Syrian Armed Forces, the EPD Agency quoted Hassan as saying on the 2nd of March.

According to the assessments of the Director of Amnesty International, such airstrikes are part of the military strategy of Moscow and Damascus. According to the Opposition Association for Human Rights in Syria, no less than 27 hospitals, eight of which were in the densely populated Aleppo province, have come under shelling carried out by Russian and Syrian Government forces since September 2015.

The Syrian Supervisory Council for Human Rights provided information on the deaths of more than 1,700 civilians, including 429 children as a result of airstrikes by Russian Air Forces in Syria. According to UN estimates, more than 260,000 people have been killed during the almost five years of civil war in the country.

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