US accuses Russia of bombing civilian targets in Syria

According to the US authorities, hundreds of civilians were killed as a result of Russian air attacks on civilian targets in Syria.

Washington has accused Moscow of targeting civilians in Syria, killing hundreds including members of rescue services, US State Department spokesman Mark Toner said on Tuesday, December 29th in Washington.

According to Toner, Russian war planes attacked hospitals, schools and markets. In October and the first half of November, more than 130,000 Syrians were forced to flee from their homes, many of them due to Russian air strikes, Toner stressed.

Human rights organizations Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch as well as Syrian activists have previously accused Russia of killing hundreds of innocent people in Syria. On December 28th, during a telephone phone conversation with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, US Secretary of State John Kerry expressed concern over the bombings of civilian targets.

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