Campaign representative: Trump supports Ukraine, not Russia

The U.S. presidential candidate from the Republican Party, Donald Trump, supports Ukraine and does not approve of Russian aggression in Eastern Europe, according to his representative and former Governor of Maryland, Robert Elrich, Ukrinform news agency reported.

"With respect to Ukraine, he [Trump] has officially declared that he is in support of Ukraine," the representative of the candidate said. He cited Trump, stating that the alliance between Ukraine and the U.S.A. is "very strong." "As for Russian aggression, all options are on the table," Ehrlich said.

However, he did not name specific commitments, which, in the opinion of Trump`s campaign, the new President of the United States should take in the context of U.S. – Ukrainian relations. He also did not say what the candidate’s position is on the issue of granting weapons to Ukraine.

Ehrlich was diplomatic when commenting on the incident and not discussing the provision of weapons to Ukraine during the Party`s Congress in Cleveland. He, in particular, noted that "the statements of the candidate’s presidential platform correspond to the position of the United States."

In addition, Trump’s representative noted that the negative statements made by the candidate were taken "out of context." He cited a few examples, one of which was Trump’s statement that if the U.S. had better relations with Vladimir Putin and Russia, it would be good for the world.

"We have to prove to Putin that this will be the new President of the United States. He [Trump] takes the relationship seriously and when it comes to Russian aggression, no one will close their eyes," Ehrlich said.

Another example concerned the North Atlantic Alliance. "Trump never said that the United States should leave NATO, or that the United States should abandon the mission of the Alliance," the representative of the candidate said. He explained that the candidate believes it is time for each NATO member to pay their share and that the Alliance needs to rethink the modern danger which did not exist during the cold war.

"I think that most of the American public agrees with these statements," the politician said.

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