Crimean authorities impose sanctions against Turkey

The Russian Head of the Crimea, Sergey Aksyonov, indicated that Crimean authorities have imposed sanctions against Turkey.

"Turkish citizens will not be able to work within the territory of the Crimea, all investment contracts will be terminated, and goods imported into the territory of the Crimea by the Turkish Republic will be banned.  I should mention that the volume of Turkish products exported to the Crimea is insignificant and this will not have a significant impact on development in the region.  I am sure the people of Turkey will appreciate the actions of the head of their country and have no doubt that in the end he will be seen as a coward," Aksyonov wrote on Facebook.

On 27 November in the center of Simferopol, participants of “Backstab” – a group advocating for Russia to implement anti-Turkish policies - burned an effigy of the Turkish President.

On November 28 Russian President, Vladimir Putin, signed a decree imposing sanctions against the Republic of Turkey.  The decree temporarily introduces, "the prohibition or restriction of foreign economic operations involving the import to the territory of the Russian Federation of goods originating in the Republic of Turkey."

Also beginning January 1, the visa-free travel agreement between Russia and Turkey is suspended.  Tour operators and travel agents are asked to refrain from selling any services to citizens of the Russian Federation that include visits to the Republic of Turkey.

Relations between Moscow and Ankara began to deteriorate after Russia's involvement in the Syrian war in support of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Assad’s regime is strongly opposed by Turkey.

The relationship between Russia and Turkey further deteriorated after the violation of Turkish airspace by Russian military aircraft operating in Syria. This situation resulted in Turkey shooting down a Russian bomber on 24 November, resulting in the death of a Russian pilot.

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