Estonia receives anti-tank missiles from the US

On Sunday, the United States provided Estonia with ammunition for the FGM-148 Javelin anti-tank missile system, the press service of the Estonian Defense Forces told Interfax.

"This is an important resupply of ammunition which will allow the Defense Force to destroy enemy tank units as large as a brigade," stated the head of the Weapons and Ammunition Support Group of the Estonian Defense Forces Logistic Center, Major Risto Partel.

He noted that the missiles will be distributed to military units that are currently equipped with the Javelin systems.

The supply of ammunition costs $33 million and is financed by funds allocated by the United States to support containment measures in Europe

The purchase of the Javelin system is part of Estonia’s national defense program for the years 2013-2022.

The Javelin will gradually replace the Milan systems that are currently used in the country.

In November of 2014, Estonia signed a contract with the United States for the purchase of 80 FGM-148 units worth 40 million euros. The agreement also allows for the purchase of an additional 40 units if needed. The amount of ammunition provided was not disclosed.

  Estonia, USA