Experts: Russian cyber forces are among the top five in the world

Experts included Russia on the list of the top five countries in the word with the most developed cyber forces, based on its specialized units on cyber security for military and intelligence purposes. The American Army was acknowledged as the strongest army in cyberspace.

As Kommersant reported, the ratings were created by analysts from Zecurion. According to its estimates, the annual costs of Russian cyber forces reach $300 million and the total number of Special Forces personnel dedicated to this sector is about 1,000 people.

Public funding for this purpose in the U.S.A. is approximately $7 billion per year and the number of hackers cooperating with the state, is about 9,000 people.

China was ranked second, Great Britain, third, and South Korea was ranked fourth.

Among the new directions of cyber force activities, Zecurion cites cyber-attacks and informational wars which “include various means of influence on the mood and behavior of countries’ populations.”

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