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  • Every fifth Russian wants to become a hacker

    Almost every fifth Russian (19.3%) would like to become a hacker, according to a survey conducted by an antivirus manufacturer ESET, RBC reports.

    According to the results of the survey, mostly people aged 18 to 24 would like to make it their primary occupation. 23% of those who responded positively were male. 16% of women expressed a similar position.

    The remaining 80% of respondents would not like to engage in such IT activities.

    The ESET study was conducted online. According to experts, …

  • Russian hackers attack German media

    According to Deutsche Welle, German media companies ZDF and WDR were recently attacked by Russian hackers. The hacker group Sandworm attacked the IT networks of both media companies in early June, AFP reported on Friday, July 27, with reference to excerpts from Der Spiegel’s as-yet unpublished material.

    According to AFP, its sources in security agencies said that ZDF confirmed that a hacker attack actually took place while WDR refused to comment due to safety issues. ZDF clarified that less …

  • Russian hackers gained access to the emails of the Danish Defense Ministry

    Russian hackers have been accessing information in the unprotected email accounts of the employees of Danish Defense Ministry for two years, as stated in a report of the Danish special services, the Danish newspaper Berlingske reported. The emails were hacked in 2015 and 2016.

    "This is very controlled. These are not small hacking groups doing it for the fun of it. This is tied to the intelligence services or central elements in the Russian regime," Defense Minister of Denmark Claus Hjort …

  • Hackers acting in the interest of Russia stood behind US doping report leak

    The US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) confirmed that hackers from the group Fancy Bear acting in the interest of Russia stood behind the leak of the draft report dedicated to the treatment of athletes involved in the Nike Oregon Project, which aims to popularize long distance running. The relevant statement of USADA representatives was cited by Reuters on Saturday the 25th of February.

    “USADA can confirm that it has prepared a report in response to a subpoena from a state medical licensing body …

  • French intelligence thinks Russian hackers may attempt to influence elections in favor of Le Pen

    Employees of the General Directorate for External Security (DGSE) of France are not ruling out the possibility that Russia may intervene in the presidential elections with the help of cyber-attacks in favor of Marine Le Pen.

    The secret service announced that Moscow also allegedly intends to use social networks to support the Chairman of the National Front (FN), having arranged for the mass publication of messages in support of the National Front party leader. Russian hackers, finally, may try …

  • Media: Russian hackers were not able to hack into the computers of the Dutch government

    Hackers from the APT28 and APT29 groups, who are behind the attacks on the US Democratic Party servers, tried to gain access to the computers of the Dutch government, as reported by De Volkskrant, the Dutch daily morning newspaper.

    The attacks were repeatedly carried out over the last six months and have been unsuccessful.

    Hacker groups were testing the capacity of the Netherlands civil servants, sending them phishing messages by e-mail and creating fake web sites in an effort to gain access …

  • Norwegian special services accused Russian group of hacking emails

    Hacker attacks on nine email addresses belonging to state service employees have been recorded in Norway. According to law enforcement officials, the hacking attempts were made by hackers of the APT29 group allegedly related to Russian military and civil intelligence.

    In particular, the email of Norwegian security employees, members of the Labor party, employees of the Foreign Ministry, and Military Academy employees were attacked.

    A Representative of the police service of Norway, Martin …

  • Interfax claims that Russian hacker group could be linked to the CIA

    The arrested employees of the Information Security Center of the Russian Federal Security Service that were involved in the case against the Russian Shaltay-Boltay (Humpty-Dumpty) hacker group are suspected of leaking confidential information to the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, Russia's Interfax news agency reported, citing informed sources.

    “The Head of the FSB’s Information Security Center, Sergey Mikhailov and his Deputy, Dmitry Dokuchaev are accused of violating their oaths and …

  • Experts: Russian cyber forces are among the top five in the world

    Experts included Russia on the list of the top five countries in the word with the most developed cyber forces, based on its specialized units on cyber security for military and intelligence purposes. The American Army was acknowledged as the strongest army in cyberspace.

    As Kommersant reported, the ratings were created by analysts from Zecurion. According to its estimates, the annual costs of Russian cyber forces reach $300 million and the total number of Special Forces personnel dedicated to …

  • Spiegel: Russian hackers were not responsible for leak of Bundestag documents

    Secret documents of the Bundestag committee responsible for investigating large-scale surveillance of the American National Security Agency (NSA) came to Wikileaks from a person working in the German parliament. On Saturday, December 17, Der Spiegel weekly published the information, citing sources from the German secret services.

    Earlier, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung newspaper reported that investigators considered it possible that confidential files appeared at Wikileaks due to …