French authorities accuse Russia of conducting a cyber-campaign against Macron

French Minister of Foreign Affairs Jean-Marc Ayrault suspects Russia of conducting hacker attacks directed at the e-mail of Presidential Candidate Emmanuel Macron. In an interview with Journal du Dimanche, Ayrault said that "France will not allow its choice to be dictated."

According to him, Macron, who is the "pro-European candidate" is being subjected to cyber-attacks. "Just look at the other candidates, Marine Le Pen or François Fillon. Russia gives them preferential treatment in the French presidential campaign," Ayrault said. "This form of intervention in the democratic life of France is unacceptable, and I reject it.”

Ayrault called on the Russian Federation to be first to declare that non-interference in the internal affairs of other nations is a fundamental principle of international relations.

He also said that the United States, where populist President Donald Trump came to power, is now making attempts to divide Europe but that they are doomed to failure. "I bet that any attempt to divide the Europeans and to control them will not work. The United States has absolutely no way to compensate for the advantages offered by the European Union," he said.

As the journal’s source recalled, even British Prime Minister Theresa May, despite the results of the referendum on withdrawal from the EU, pointed out to Trump the need to have Europe as a "strong partner.” According to him, Europe’s stability is in the best interests of Moscow as well as Washington.

The first round of Presidential Elections in France is scheduled for April 23. The second round is set for May 7.

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