Gazprom subsidiaries and contractors for Kerch Strait Bridge fall under US sanctions

A press release by the US Treasury has stated that the US government has once again expanded the list of Russian individuals and legal entities to which unilateral US economic sanctions will apply. The list includes Gazprom-Media, which in turn includes NTV, NTV Plus, TNT, Pyatnitsa and Match TV, the Echo Moskvy radio station and Avtoradio.

The main contractor for the construction of the Kerch Strait bridge, LLC SGM-Bridge, is also now included on the list. The company is a subsidiary of Stroygazmontazh, which is co-owned by Arkady Rotenberg.

All US assets of individuals and organizations who are included in the black list (SDN List) are being frozen. Transactions in the US, as well as transactions between US nationals and individuals or legal entities included in the list, are prohibited.

PJSC Mostotrest also was included in the list. In March 2016, the company joined in on the construction of the Kerch Strait bridge and received 96.9 billion rubles as a subcontractor. Interfax reported that until April 2015, its largest shareholder was Marc O'Polo Investment, 68.45% of which belonged to the son of Arkady Rotenberg, Igor. It is now controlled by the Russian Railways Blagosostoyanie non-state pension fund.

The SDN List was also expanded to include PKU Uprdor Taman, the Sovfraht company and related companies, the FAA Glavgosexpertiza Russia, JSC Institute Giprostroymost St. Petersburg, LLC Koksohimtrans, JSC Ship Repair Center Zvezdochka', as well as the subsidiary of the shareholders of the bank ROSSIYA, ABR Management.

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