Hackers publish emails from account of Putin's aide

Hackers from the group Cyberjunta published correspondence from a hacked e-mail which, according to them, was used by the aide to the President of the Russian Federation, Vladislav Surkov.

According to these emails, Surkov allegedly took part in appointing the heads of the ministries of the self-proclaimed Luhansk People’s Republic. Moreover, hackers note that many letters were focused on the situation in Kharkiv and the opportunity to stabilize the area. Another curious finding was a plan on the federalization of Ukraine, allegedly sent to Surkov by a representative of the self-proclaimed DPR, Denis Pushilin. In the proposed variant, the so-called “Ukrainian Federation” is divided into three regions, referred to as Novorossiya, Malorossiya (Little Russia), and Galicia.

The published ‘Surkov’s Correspondence’ were written between 2013 and 2016 and consists of more than 400 letters, mainly from the e-mail address [email protected].

In late October, hackers had already published other e-mails from Surkov’s account.

The authenticity of #SurkovLeaks is seen in different ways: Digital Forensic Research Lab specialists from the analytical center, Atlantic Council, concluded that the vast majority of the e-mails seem authentic. A correspondent from the British newspaper, The Times in Ukraine, Maxim Tucker, stated, citing his own sources, that correspondence from the e-mail with the domain gov.ru is authentic, but letters from another e-mail are fake.

The Russian President's Press Secretary, Dmitry Peskov, in response to the previous leak stated that Surkov does not use e-mail at all. Hackers from Cyberjunta state that e-mails are used by Vladislav Surkov’s email.

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