Head of Ukrainian General Staff to discuss weapons supply with NATO Supreme Allied Commander

The Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Viktor Muzhenko, will discuss the issue of arms supplies to Ukraine with the newly-appointed NATO Supreme Allied Commander, General Curtis Scaparrotti. The meeting will be held at NATO headquarters on Thursday.

“We will certainly discuss the issue of weapons to Ukraine- in what amounts and what weapons may be provided to us in the near future,” Muzhenko said during an interview with UNIAN.

“We are talking about weapons, starting with reconnaissance, ending with anti-tank weapons... radar systems, electronic warfare supplies, communications, and more,” the Ukrainian Chief of Staff added.

"We want them [NATO] to understand the dangers that exist today in Ukraine and, consequently, [understand] the need to support it in its difficult time,” Muzhenko stressed.

Earlier, Scaparrotti announced that he intended to find out what weapons Ukraine requires for the country’s defense.

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