Kadyrov: The US has started a war against Russia

The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, said that the words of US authorities regarding the alleged corruption of Russian President Vladimir Putin suggests the beginning of a war against Russia.

The statement made by US officials about this alleged corruption suggests that they are against Russia and have “launched a real war”. This was posted by Kadyrov on his Instagram page.

Kadyrov referred to the steps taken by the White House as “unfriendly”.  “The scenario seems to be out of a Hollywood movie. A BBC movie, the comments from the U.S. Treasury, the reaction of a minor official in the White House, who supposedly expressed an opinion relevant to the context of the film. This demonstrates once again that a real war started against Russia," the head of Chechnya said, stressing that this "war" cannot be regarded as an "undeclared one." 

According to Kadyrov, the United States, “with the support of European vassals”, seek to “wreak havoc” in Russia and undermine the trust of the Russian people in Putin.  He also suggested that the US authorities “want to turn Russia into Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, or at best, into Yugoslavia."  He continued to express his opinion by saying, “They cannot accept the fact that the sanctions, the embargo and thousands of other actions have failed to break the will of the Russian leadership.”

Kadyrov noted that Russia, like any other country, has its problems. "But anyone who thinks it will be possible to split our society, to make us give up, is deeply mistaken," Kadyrov said, adding that the Russian President is "ready for an equal and mutually beneficial cooperation, but will never bow down to those in Washington who imagine themselves to be the center of the universe."



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