Lithuanian and Estonians MFAs: MH17 report will be eye opening for some countries

The Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania and Estonia, Linas Linkevičius and Jürgen Ligi respectively, hope that the findings of the investigation on the MH17 crash in Ukraine, published by international experts, will open the eyes of some colleagues. The ministers made that statement at a joint press conference in Vilnius, Delfi reported.

“Sanctions imposed against Russia have nothing to do with this but it will undoubtedly help to open the eyes of some colleagues,” Linkevičius said.

Ligi supported him, hoping that conclusions will change the opinion of those EU countries that view the extension of sanctions imposed against Russia with skepticism. “I hope that this incident will open the eyes of some colleagues and make the decision on lifting of sanctions less popular,” the Estonian Foreign Minister said. Both Ministers noted that there is no reason to lift sanctions imposed against Russia now.

The International Investigative Group on criminal investigation into the MH17 tragedy that took place on the 17th of July, 2014 found that a missile shot down Malaysian Boeing. Said missile was launched from a Russian-made Buk missile system from the territory of separatists.

The downing of the Boeing 777 took the lives of 283 passengers and 15 crew members, including 80 children. Most of the victims were citizens of the Netherlands, Malaysia and Australia.

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