Ukrainian representative in Minsk: There are 702 Russian tanks in the Donbas

There are more Russian tanks in the temporarily occupied territories than in Germany and the UK combined.

This was said on-air on Channel 5 by the representative of Ukraine in the Minsk talks, Yevhen Marchuk.

He assured that Ukrainian intelligence knows exactly through which railway crossing and border checkpoints trains come from the Russian side, how much and what kind of equipment is being transported, and where it is being unloaded.

“It is absolutely certain that on that side there are 702 tanks of three modifications; these are modern tanks, ready to fight. There are more than a thousand artillery systems of different types, tube artillery, rocket artillery and mortars, not to mention other weapons. But these are the most important components of a military nature, usually associated with the actions of an offensive nature or causing very large losses to the other side,” the Ukrainian negotiator said.

Marchuk also noted that it’s important to discuss all military compenents in the Donbas, including field hospitals, reconnaissance equipment, and weapons caches. According to the Ukrainian representative, the presence of such components demonstrates that Russia is not planning to withdraw from the Donbas.

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