Media: Russia is deploying its troops to the Ukrainian border

Russia is building a new military base near the border it shares with Ukraine. Reuters reported that a temporary military camp was found in the city of Klintsy in Bryansk Oblast.

An official of the local administration, Oleg Kletny, said that the city was chosen as the site for the camp and that 240 soldiers had already arrived.

According to the agency, more than a dozen large tents and just as many military vehicles have been seen at the temporary camp in Klintsy. The city is approximately 50 kilometers from the Ukrainian border and the troops will be stationed there until the military base is established.

The Russian Defense Ministry has not responded to the media’s questions about the base and its purpose.

According to Kletny, troops from the mechanized infantry division of the Russian Federation began to arrive in the city on the 30th of May. They were transferred from Yekaterinburg, which is approximately 2,000 kilometers from Klintsy. He said that the troops were transferred because of Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu’s decision to create three new divisions.

Military personnel will eventually be stationed at Klintsy’s abandoned military camp once it has been remodeled.

The city administration had previously reported on the existence of a new, and not yet approved, zoning plan and construction project. The project will make use of two plots of land with a total area of 142 hectares. The land will be used “in the interests of the Russian Armed Forces”.

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