Mercenaries for Syria recruited in Donetsk.

An active mercenaries recruitment campaign is underway in Donetsk.
Recruiters say that no aggravation is expected in the Donbas region in the nearest future and those on "payroll" will not get paid, but  there is an alternative" - ​​help "brotherly Syrian people."
The city of Donetsk is teeming with posters like those of "Crusaders" Battalion calling on brave people to join. The phone number on the posters has Donetsk area code. This means that the recruitment station is located in Donetsk.
Only a couple of years ago Donetsk was a place known for its IT specialists, artists, social activists. A city of students.
Now it is something with an unknown status, where cannon meat is being collected for sending to the slaughter.
Earlier Donetsk was recognized by its athletes, dancers, singers, blacksmiths, and miners. But that is the past. Now a new business card of Donetsk  is it's mercenaries, religious fanatics, and Orthodox bigots.

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