Militants continue aggressive shelling of ATO forces in eastern Ukraine

Illegally armed pro-Russian rebels continue trying to provoke Ukrainian Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO) forces, according to the operation's press center.

"Since the beginning of the day nearly 35 cases of ceasefire violations by the Russian-terrorist gangs have been reported," according to a post by the official press center on Facebook on Sunday.

The press center sayid that the majority of the attacks have occurred around the Donetsk airport where small arms and grenade launchers of various configurations were fired about 20 times in the direction of ATO forces in the area (Peski, Opitnoye and Avdeevka.)

Ukranian strongholds in the Krasnogorovka area have twice come under fire from the members of the illegally armed groups which are using 82-mm mortars.

Also, in the Donetsk region, gunmen have opened fire on the ATO using anti-tank missiles located in Lozovoj.

In Luhansk militants used weapons prohibited by the Minsk agreements.  120-mm mortars were fired at an ATO unit in a village near Luhansk.

In Mariupol the members of the illegally armed groups also fired using smaller weapons, trying to provoke the ATO forces in the area of Granite.

The situation remains tense on the northern outskirts of Gorlovka. The militants fired on the positions of the ATO forces with small arms and heavy machine guns in the area of Mayorsk, and 82 mm mortars were fired in the area of Zaitseviy.

The press center also reported activity by militant snipers not far from Novgorodskoye.

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