Montenegro: Russia funds the campaign against our accession to NATO

The Prime Minister of Montenegro, Milomir Đukanović, accused Russia of funding the campaign against the accession of Montenegro to NATO. As Reuters reported, according to Đukanović, Moscow provides the opposition – the Democratic Front – with money from several pro-Russian and pro-Serbian parties, which are against Montenegro’s membership in the European Union and NATO.

“The Parliamentary elections in Montenegro will take place tomorrow. The Kremlin believes that these elections are the last chance to halt the Balkan’s efforts in accession to the European Union and NATO,” Đukanović said. In May, Foreign Ministers from NATO member States signed the protocol on the accession of Montenegro.

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs called NATO’s decision to negotiate with Montenegro on their accession to the North-Atlantic Alliance a confrontational step, forcing Moscow to respond accordingly.

Earlier, Đukanović stated that Russia actively works to spread anti-EU and anti-NATO sentiments in the Western Balkans in order to regain influence over the countries in the region. According to him, Russia also works with political minorities, which are against the West.

  Montenegro, Russia, NATO