Moscow: It’s time for Trump to stop imposing decisions on Russia

Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Federation Council of the Russian State Duma Konstantin Kosachev said that U.S. President Donald Trump, in trying to pin the blame on Russia for the situation in Syria and the support of President Bashar Assad, is trapping himself, RIA Novosti reported. The Russian senator noted that Trump is pushing himself into a trap of “notorious decisions” from which it will be almost impossible to be extricated.

“To think that it can be ‘managed’ during Tillerson’s upcoming visit to Moscow or during the later summit when the two presidents meet is, at the very least, naive," Kosachev said.

He believes that Trump is giving the impression that Moscow needs to “give up” Assad, regardless of whether he is guilty or not, since the U.S. president himself has “no other choice.”

“However, what is said in Moscow at the very highest levels should always be taken literally: we came to Syria not to support Assad, but to fight against terrorism,” Kosachev said.

“It's time for Trump to stop solving his problems at Russia’s expense, since he will not achieve any of his objectives. The ‘wolves’ in Washington will never get ‘full,’ and ‘sheep’ in the form of normal relations with Russia, and even more so cooperation in fighting against the common enemy, will not be protected,” summed up the senator.

Earlier, Kosachev called “direct sabotage” the statement of Nikki Haley, US Ambassador to the UN, about the inability to resolve the conflict in Syria by diplomatic methods while the country is led by Assad.

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