Nord Stream 2 Pipeline Issue to Be Raised at Next EU Summit

The construction of the second branch of the gas pipeline under the Baltic Sea for transporting natural gas from Russia to Germany is causing heated debates in the European Union.

The controversial issue of the construction of the new gas pipeline Nord Stream 2 will be, according to reports from the diplomatic community, one of the themes of the EU summit in Brussels on Friday, December 18th. According to the DPA agency, the final document of the meeting of the Heads of State and Government will include the requirement for compliance with EU rules in the implementation of infrastructure projects in the Baltic Sea.

Reuters reports that the document refers to the requirement for these projects to comply with the problem of diversification of energy supply for the European Union. However, it's unknown whether this wording will persist.

According to the diplomats, the gas pipeline issue is going to be raised at the summit also by Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. In addition, the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary asked the European Commission to pay attention to the fact that new projects should help reduce dependence on gas supplies.

The contract for the construction of North Stream 2 was signed in September, 2015. In addition to Gazprom, the $11-billion project will involve five foreign companies: German E.ON and Wintershall, Austrian OMV, the French ENGIE and Royal Dutch Shell.

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