Nuland met with Surkov in Moscow to discuss the Donbas

U.S. Assistant Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland and Russian presidential aide Vladislav Surkov discussed the Ukrainian question in Moscow. According to the U.S. Embassy, the talks were mainly dedicated to security issues in the Donbas. "The discussions were very detailed, thorough and constructive".

"Negotiators focused on the subject of maintaining security in the framework of the Minsk Agreements, implementation of the ceasefire, withdrawal of the heavy weaponry and ensuring an unimpeded access of OSCE representatives to the areas affected by the conflict in eastern Ukraine," stated the U.S. Embassy in Moscow.

The Kremlin stated that during the meeting, no decisions regarding the settlement of the situation in the eastern Ukraine can be made. "This is a traditional exchange of opinions, a kind of ordinary synchronization of watches," said the President's press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, reports the Russian Interfax news agency.

The U.S. State Department earlier explained that Victoria Nuland’s visits to Kiev and Moscow are a continuation of the efforts aimed at the implementation of the Minsk Agreements.

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