Nuland optimistic about Ukraine’s reforms

US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland said that she was encouraged by Kiev’s commitment to carrying out reforms, Reuters reported.

"Overall, I go home encouraged by the commitment of all the political forces ‎to continuing and accelerating reform, economic reform, anti-corruption reform, in particular judicial reform," she said at the end of her visit to Kiev.

At the same time, Nuland stressed the need for Ukraine to strengthen its anti-corruption measures and to reform the country’s judicial system.

"Ukraine needs a new Attorney General, the country must continue to reform the judicial system. Corruption remains a serious problem. Perhaps it is time to put some corrupt officials behind bars… and eradicate corruption,” the Assistant Secretary of State said, as quoted by Krym.Realii.

She also stressed that 2016 must be the point in which Ukraine’s reforms become irreversible.

Washington has repeatedly urged Ukrainian leaders to work together to speed up reforms.

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