Poroshenko: Before elections in the Donbas, OSCE armed mission must gain control of border

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko stated that before the local elections in the Donbas, the OSCE armed mission should gain control over the border area with the Russian Federation in the eastern part of Ukraine that is currently not under Kyiv’s control.

“I noted that a number of weapons and military equipment which Russia continues to supply through the uncontrolled area of the Russian-Ukrainian border reached the limit today when the number of tanks, artillery systems, armored personnel carriers, launch rocket systems in the occupied territory exceeded the number of arms of the Bundeswehr. And that’s why in the first stage, that is, before the elections, we should gain control over the border via the armed OSCE mission,” Poroshenko said in an interview with Ukrainian TV Channels broadcast on Sunday evening.

According to the Ukrainian President, it is clearly stated in the Minsk agreements and Ukraine has always insisted on it. “Control by the armed OSCE mission should stop infiltration of Russian troops, arms and ammunition,” he stressed and added that Ukraine always defended that priority.

“On the second day after the elections we should ensure control over the border by Ukrainian servicemen. We have already had it in Minsk and it should be specified in the 'road map' by stating a clear date and clear responsibility,” Poroshenko noted.

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