Putin instructs FSB to prevent foreign interference in Russian elections

Russian President Vladimir Putin has instructed the Federal Security Service (FSB) of the Russian Federation to prevent outside interference with the State Duma elections.  He also instructed them to stop nationalist activity.

According to RIA Novosti, he said this on Friday during a meeting with the board of the FSB.

“We need to stop any attempts to interfere with the elections, and our internal political life.  You know that technologies for such purposes exist and that they have been used in many other countries already,” Putin said.

“I have read your reports detailing specific evidence that suggests that our enemies are also preparing for these elections,” Putin continued.

“I repeat, it is a direct threat to our sovereignty and we will react to it accordingly,” he added.

“The activities of over 400 employees and agents of foreign intelligence services were stopped in 2015.  Out of these 400 people, 23 were brought to justice,” Putin said.

“During the last board meeting, we noted that foreign intelligence agencies are increasing their activity in Russia.  Last year, we confirmed these findings,” the President continued.

Putin thanked the security services for conducting anti-terrorist operations in Syria, and for ending the activities of underground terrorist groups.  He urged the intelligence service to “pay particular attention to those who recruit Russians to become terrorists”.

“Thanks to your efforts, the activities of underground groups and groups that were ready to strike at our country were stopped,” Putin said.  He concluded that “due to good preparation, the FSB has shown progress in their work”.

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