Romanian Foreign Minister accuses Russian Deputy Prime Minister Rogozin of deliberately creating problems between countries

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin tried to cross the Romanian air border to demonstrate that sanctions do not work, Romanian Foreign Minister Teodor Melescanu said.

“In my opinion, the whole issue with the flight over Romania was a deliberate attempt to create problems between Romania and Russia,” he said on Monday on the Romanian television channel Antena 3.

Melescanu also said that the lives of passengers on board the aircraft were not in any danger.

The head of the Romanian Foreign Ministry expressed the opinion that Rogozin “wanted to demonstrate that the sanctions that the European Union has levied against some officials ... do not work.”

Last Friday, Rogozin's visit to Chisinau was thwarted because of Romania’s refusal to let the plane with the Russian delegation on board fly into its airspace. The deputy prime minister told reporters that the aircraft was also not allowed to land in Budapest. It was finally able to land in Minsk. From there, Rogozin returned to Moscow.

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