Russia to develop naval air base in Crimea

The commander of the Russian Airspace Forces, Viktor Bondarev, told journalists that the Chauda landfill in annexed Crimea will be the first Russian naval air base where a variety of exercises will be conducted, including training for pilots of Tu-22M3 long-range bomber aircraft, TASS reports.

"In the future, this site will serve as a training facility for fight personnel of Chkalov's State Flight Tests Center. The site will work all year round, pilots will train there using all types of aircraft. Even training for the Tu-22М3 will be done here," the Commander said.

He indicated that pilots will work from both the land by sea, and by sea by land at the site.

According to him, "we need this type of facility and we will develop it."

"There will be a good system of monitoring and control over the crew’s results,” Bondarev noted.

"From what I have seen today at the site I think, it is 85-90 percent done," the Commander added.

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