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  • Russian ambassador names terms for establishing military base in Belarus

    Russia cannot place its military base in Belarusian territory because there is no intergovernmental agreement. Alexander Surikov, Russian ambassador to Belarus, made a statement to this effect at a press conference in Minsk, TASS news agency reports.

    There is “not yet” any agreement, and no base can be deployed without one, the ambassador added. He noted that “there was never” any question of deploying a military base in Belarus.

    When speaking about the upcoming joint military exercises of …

  • Media: US considers establishing two additional military bases in Germany

    Representatives of the US Army studied two sites in Northern Germany for the potential placement of new US military bases in Europe, as reported by Deutsche Welle, citing a source in the Command of the US Amy Garrison stationed in Wiesbaden.

    According to the source, the military visited facilities in Bad Fallingbostel and Bergen in Lower Saxony. These cities are situated near the largest German training site, which is also used for NATO exercises. The number of military personnel that could be …

  • Lukashenko: It is not practical to build a Russian air base in Belarus

    The President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, believes that it is not practical to build a Russian air base in his country, as he stated during the "Big Conversation with the President", Interfax reported.

    "They say, a military base ... Oh, come on, who needs these 10 aircraft, which Russia wanted to station... in Bobruisk. I said to Putin: it is necessary to rebuild the airfield, it's is already half-dismantled. Why 10 aircraft? Give us 20 aircraft, we have great pilots, great school, you …

  • Turkey may take the Incirlik Air Base from the USA

    Ankara is questioning the presence of a coalition of forces, led by the United States, at the Incirlik Air Base in Turkey, as indicated by the Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey, Veysi Kaynak, Reuters reports.

    The question of the use of the military base by the U.S.-led coalition and NATO forces is on the agenda of the Turkish government as Ankara is disappointed with the lack of support for its operations in Syria.

    Turkey began operations in Syria in August in order to move the ISIL militants …

  • Russia to lease military base from Egypt

    Russia is holding discussions with Egypt on possibility of leasing some of the Egyptian military facilities, including the former Soviet military airbase in the city of Sidi Barrani.  

    This was reported by Russian Izvestia newspaper citing sources in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Russian Defense Ministry.

    According to Izvestia's sources, the restoration of the Sidi Barrani base will introduce a new phase of cooperation between the two countries. It will also help Russia address the …

  • Russia to develop naval air base in Crimea

    The commander of the Russian Airspace Forces, Viktor Bondarev, told journalists that the Chauda landfill in annexed Crimea will be the first Russian naval air base where a variety of exercises will be conducted, including training for pilots of Tu-22M3 long-range bomber aircraft, TASS reports.

    "In the future, this site will serve as a training facility for fight personnel of Chkalov's State Flight Tests Center. The site will work all year round, pilots will train there using all types of …

  • Foreign Ministry of Belarus: Placing a Russian military base on Belarusian territory is meaningless

    Currently Belarus does not feel the need to place a Russian military base on its territory, as stated by the Head of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry, Vladimir Makei, Interfax reported.

    "As for the placement of the Russian military base on the territory of Belarus, nowadays it's meaningless to place additional bases on our territory. It won't improve security in the region. We have enough different military and air bases, which could be put to use at any moment, if the situation asks for it," …

  • Russia to deploy newly-formed motorized rifle division to the Rostov region

    A new motorized rifle division with approximately 10,000 soldiers will be deployed by the end of 2016 to the Rostov region, as reported by TASS, citing a source from the Southern Military District headquarters.“The new ‘full-blooded’ motorized rifle division will be created by the end of this year in accordance with the directives of the Chief of General Staff and the Commander of the Southern Military District troops. Three military compounds are to be built in order to accommodate this new …

  • Turkish Air Force at Highest State of Readiness

    All military airbases in Turkey were placed on an ‘orange’ alert level, meaning that pilots can act immediately without the consent of command.

    The ‘orange’ alert was issued for all Turkish Air Force bases on Sunday, January 31st, so the Turkish Air Force is ‘fully ready’ and pilots have the right to immediately open fire without prior coordination with command, the Anatolian News Agency reported.

    Previously, Ankara accused Russia of violating Turkish airspace over the border with Syria. As a …

  • Poltorak: US Military Base Not Allowed On Ukrainian Soil

    According to Ukrainian News, Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak said that Ukraine has no plans of allowing a US military base on its territory.

    "We are not considering such a possibility. Ukrainian legislation doesn't allow such an occurrence. All we have is a close cooperation that allows us to learn from each other and share experiences," he said.

    The Minister explained that the country has high hopes for establishing a Ukrainian-Polish-Lithuanian brigade. Conducting joint exercises as part …