Russian MFA: Moscow has discussed Syria with 'those who will influence Washington' during Trump's presidency

The Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation, Sergei Ryabkov, has said that Moscow discusses the Syrian issue with those who will influence Washington during the course of the leadership of the new Presidential Administration of the United States.

“We discuss the Syrian issue because it is a key issue with those who will probably influence Washington under the leadership of a new administration. However, this doesn’t mean that those people are from the inner circle of the President-elect of the United States. This also doesn’t mean that these are the people who are often referred to as experts,” Ryabkov stated in his interview to journalists.

The diplomat noted that there is no full understanding of who will be the members of the administration of the newly elected US President, Donald Trump.

“We have a very rough idea, but it may be refuted. The approval of those who will be nominated will not be conducted without challenges due to the peculiarities of domestic political tension that still exist in the United States. This is why some people may fail to get those positions which they were nominated for,” Ryabkov said.

“I’ll explain it once again and make a footnote: I am not referring to those people who are already nominated and appointed, but those who will probably be appointed,” Ryabkov concluded.

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