Russia commented on Boris Johnson's cancelled Moscow trip

The spokesperson of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova claimed that British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson gave an absurd reason for canceling his visit to Moscow.

Zakharova noted that the cancellation of the visit happened “right after it was rescheduled.” She stressed that the reasons the British were changing their reasons for the cancellation, reported TASS news agency.

“It seems that our Western colleagues are living in their own reality in which they first coherently make their collective plans, then coherently change them, coming up with absurd reasons for doing so.”

Zakharova also said that Russia has always actively sought solid dealings with the West but that “Western partners have ceased to follow a similar policy.”

“We have always been in favor of building stable relations on a firm international legal basis” she said. “Unfortunately, stability and consistency have long ceased to be the hallmark of Western foreign policy.”

Boris Johnson planned to visit Moscow in March. However, at the end of the month it became known that he canceled his visit. Later it became known that Johnson would visit Moscow on April 10. However, on April 8, the British Foreign Ministry announced that Johnson had canceled his visit in connection with the latest events in Syria.

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