Russian journalist: Putin's propaganda turned separatists into heroes

Russian journalist, Marina Ahmedova, wrote a blog which contains information on Russia’s support of the self-proclaimed LPR and DPR (Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republics). Ahmedova stated that the separatists who captured the Donbas were made out to be heroes.  

“Russian journalists were the ones who decided to make heroes of some militia members. They were with them all the time, went to the front lines with them and broadcasted their military and daily life. They actively glorified heroic deeds and made heroes of these people,” the journalist noted in her blog on

According to her, Russian spectators and readers are tired of the war in the Donbas and there are hardly any Russian journalists in the self-proclaimed Republics now.

“From the point of view of journalists, the Donbas is a thoroughly worked out territory. That means that although actions are ongoing they aren’t anything new. There are no interesting stories in the Donbas, which will be new for readers. Currently, there are other stories there. There are good stories but also a lot of bad ones. Local people came to me with a request to help them several times – people, who have had businesses and property taken from them. These people were forced to leave their motherland under the fear of death and against their will. I met with them, wrote down their stories but the next day after our meeting they called and asked me not to broadcast their stories. They were concerned that if they were published it would be worse than it is now.” Ahmedova confessed.

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