Russian Special Services accused of attempting to give fake interview on behalf of the Ukrainian President

The Press Secretary of the President of Ukraine, Svyatoslav Tsegalko, has accused Russian Secret Services of an attempt to fabricate a fake interview with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to The New York Times.

On his page in Facebook Tsegalko reported that the editors of the American newspaper were directed to "the phone numbers and email addresses of the agents,” who then held talks and answered journalists’ questions on the phone, pretending to speak on behalf of the President.

Svyatoslav Tsegolko attached to a post on Facebook a scanned text of the fake letters of Peter Poroshenko to the Chief NYT Editor, Dean Burket. The text says that the President is "deeply distressed" by the publication of material about the "corrupt swamp" in Ukraine and regrets that the publication succumbed to the "provocation of the Kremlin villains."

According to Tsegolko, the staff of the NYT reached out to the Press Service of Petro Poroshenko and found the forgery, so that the fake interview was published. The official representative of the President of Ukraine expressed gratitude to the American journalists and urged other media representatives to use the addresses and phone numbers of the Press Service specified on the official website of the Ukrainian President.

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