Separatist commander known as Motorola killed in eastern Ukraine

Separatist commander Arsen Pavlov, known by the call sign ‘Motorola,’ died in Donetsk. This was reported by local separatist media with reference to the Ministry of Defense of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic. The information was confirmed by the Ministry of Defense of the DPR itself.

As reported in the microblog “Reports of militia of New Russia,” Motorola died in an elevator, where an improvised explosive device went off. According to separatist media, it is suspected that the murder was carried out by a “Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance group”.

Currently, the anti-terrorism emergency state has been imposed in the city. The scene of the crime is cordoned off, and one of the roads leading to Pavlov’s house is blocked by an armored personnel carrier.

Sources in the DPR reported that the attack was also carried out on Pavlov’s wife and his child.

In July, Motorola was almost killed in an explosion that occurred near the hospital where the commander was being treated.

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